Attention Salem Middle School Families

Salem Middle School is in a dire predicament!  

We are in desperate need of a Treasurer and President to be able to continue our PTA!  If we are unable to fill these positions our PTA will have to dissolve this year.

If you have any kind of basic Accountant/Bookkeeper training, we could really use your help!

Without at least a Treasurer, we can not sell student agendas, PE shirts or other Spirit Wear, give our teachers start-up funds, we won’t be able to have any fundraisers this year to support Salem’s tech needs, we won’t be able to host Cultural Events…I think you get the picture.

The Wake County PTSA has excellent training that will ensure you have all of the tools to be able to fulfill the requirements of this position.

Please help us continue the tradition of the excellent support we have always been able to provide our students, the staff and this school!

You may contact Tracy Taylor at if you are interested or have any questions.