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We have several opportunities at Salem Middle School on our PTA. Officer positions require an application and letter of interest, a nomination ballot [submitted by peers or the nominating committee], nomination from the floor at a General Meeting to fill a vacancy or at the start or end of a new school year. See our Board of Directors & Elections page for more detailed information on the application process. Our Standing and Special Committee Positions require a survey application to determine skill set and area of interest. All current committee positions are outlined below.

Committee Chair and Volunteer Positions

We have an exciting array of committees at Salem Middle School on our PTA.  Each committee is led by a Chairperson and supported by several volunteers.  To ensure adequate coverage for each committee between track out sessions throughout the school year, we prefer to have two chairpersons per role to represent each track group.


Audit Committee

The audit committee is mandatory and shall be composed of no fewer than three members. Individuals with check signing authority and their family members may not serve on the audit committee, nor may the outgoing or incoming treasurer.

Audit Chairperson: Responsible for audits and financial reviews described in Article 11 of these bylaws. Apply Now

Audit Coordinator: Responsible for audits and financial reviews described in Article 11 of these bylaws. Apply Now

Nomination Committee

The nominating committee is mandatory and shall be comprised of an odd number and no fewer than three members; at least two of the committee members shall be board members and at least one committee member shall be a member of the local PTA who does not serve on the board. Neither the president nor the principal shall be a member of the nominating committee.

Nomination Chairperson: Identify talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of Salem Middle School PTA.  Apply Now

Nomination Coordinator: Identify talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of Salem Middle School PTA.  Apply Now

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Chairperson: Develop and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of the PTA. Keep abreast on and inform the board and membership about education issues and North Carolina PTA legislative goals. abreast on and inform the board and membership about education issues and North Carolina PTA legislative goals.  Apply Now

District 9 Representative: The District 9 representative from Salem Middle School attends and represents our school at the Board Advisory Council meetings for District 9 (BAC9). These meetings are held 4-6 times each year at various schools within the district.

SEIC [Special Education and Inclusion] Liaison: Work with PTA and school leaders to support efforts toward greater inclusion and understanding of the special needs of families in our school community. Provide information about current events in special education in Wake County Schools and the surrounding community.  Apply Now


Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Chair: The main responsibility of this role is to develop, coordinate and oversee several projects and special events to raise funds to help carry out Our SMS PTA Mission: To enhance learning opportunities at our school.   Apply Now

Spirit Wear Shop Manager/Fundraising Co-Chair: Collaborate with the Communications Chair to help maintain SMS/SMS PTA brand guidelines with all spirit wear and promotional items. Work alongside the SMS Treasurer to set budgets, maintain pars for orders, perform re-orders, and make price adjustments. Work with the SMS school bookkeeper, Fundraising Chair, Spirit Wear Coordinators, and Vendors to ensure the SMS Spirit Wear On-Premise and Online Shops are up to date.

Spirit Wear Coordinator: Work with the Fundraising Chair/Co-Chair, Spirit Wear Shop Manager, and Volunteers to perform monthly (and post-event) item inventories, receive/check-in and organize incoming orders. Participate in SMS PTA and SMS events to assist other committee chairs and volunteers with selling and promoting spirit wear items. Apply Now

Special Event Coordinator: Collaborate with the Fundraising Chair/Co-Chairs to help organize and facilitate special events for SMS PTA. Serve as liaison between the Communications Chair, school, other PTA members, and the community to promote special events. Apply Now

Spirit Night Coordinator: Collaborate with the Fundraising Chair/Co-Chairs to help organize and facilitate fundraising events with businesses within our community. Apply Now

New Member Coordinator: Welcome new PTA members to SMS and guide them along the path appropriate to their area of interest, as well as provide an in-depth orientation of our programs, services and all other areas of our SMS PTA.  Apply Now

Color Battle Coordinator: Collaborate with Fundraising Chair/Co-Chairs, Vendors, Volunteers, Teachers, and Students to plan and facilitate this fun and segmented fundraising event for our school. Apply Now

Book Fair/ Basket Auction Coordinator: Plan, organize, and facilitate the annual SMS Book Fair and Basket Auction. Work within and across committees to promote and communicate the timelines and any other fundraising related aspects that run tandem with these events.  Apply Now

Communications Committee

Communications & Public Relations Chair: Responsible for the creation of relevant up to date content and ensure effective, timely, and appropriate communication within our PTA, Salem Middle School, and the community. Including but not limited to overseeing COMM/PR committee chair and volunteer duties and tasks. Promote and maintain SMS and SMS PTA brand identity.

Volunteer Coordinator: Communicate with school leaders, [Principal, Teachers, etc.] and PTA BOD to determine volunteer needs. Serve as a liaison between the school, other PTA chairs, volunteers, Board Members, and the community to promote ways to get involved and how to help.  Apply Now

Social Media Community Coordinator: Moderate SMS PTA profiles, pages, groups, and users on all participating social media platforms. Publish posts, write copy and ensure SMS and SMS PTA Brand voice and tone are maintained.

Newsletter Author: Prepare and publish weekly SMS PTA Newsletter content and ensure deadlines are met. Verify the accuracy of calendar events, content submissions, citations, and maintain digital archives.

Newsletter Editor: Review and edit grammatical errors for SMS PTA  weekly Newsletter. Verify the accuracy of calendar events, content submissions, and citations.

Website Updates: Perform updates, backups, and maintain SMS PTA website and database.

Programs Committee

Programs Chair: Oversee and coordinate several Program Committees including Cultural Arts, Reflections, Track Out Hunger, and Wellness.

In collaboration with Salem Middle School leaders [Principal, Teachers, and Counselors] this committee coordinates special programs, workshops, and events that align with WCPSS curriculum and guidelines to enrich and strengthen the lives of our SMS students and community members.

Reflections Coordinator: The primary responsibilities of volunteers for this program include an in-depth understanding of program/contest rules, regulations, deadlines for entry,  fundraising, small event planning, purchasing, announcements, and newsletter content creation (Reflections portion).  Apply Now

Cultural Arts Coordinator: Organize CA events, schedule artists of various types (dancers, singers, story-tellers, acting, art) for the school.  Apply Now

Tracking Out Hunger/Donation Coordinator: Organize special programs and food drive collections to help support SMS families in need.

Wellness Program Advocate: Research, coordinate, and implement wellness programs to promote healthy eating, physical activity, social and emotional well being.  Apply Now

Awards Coordinator: Communicate with SMS leaders [Principal and Teachers ], and volunteer coordinator to award all exemplary student, volunteer and educator achievements. Work within budget to purchase chords gifts, and other awards.  Apply Now

Grant Writer/Coordinator: Work with Program Chair and others to guide the implementation of the SMS, Student Assistance, Student Groups and Teacher Grants; communicates availability of grants to groups. Apply Now

Services Committee

Services Chair: Coordinates several Service Committees, including Hospitality, Grounds, Copy Services, and Lost & Found.

Provides copy services (paper and printing supplies) for the SMS Staff and Teachers.

Hospitality/Staff Appreciation Coordinator: Organize several hospitality programs at SMS.

Lost & Found Coordinator: Gather, sort and post images of items found around the school to the SMS PTA website Spartan Newsfeed.

Copy Room Coordinator: Review and track copy requests from SMS teachers and staff. Organize copy room schedule and work alongside other CR volunteers to ensure turn around efficiency. Perform copy room services [includes copying, sorting and delivery to classrooms] as needed.