Hear ye, hear ye!

Salem Middle School Spartans PTA needs your help. 

We are currently seeking a volunteer for the 2019-2020 PTA Treasurer Board position.  

If this position isn’t filled, we cannot sell SpiritWear, raise funds for our school, and provide programs and fun activities for our students!

We MUST have a candidate in place by 6/3/2019 to be elected with other board positions by 6/13/2019.  The school year duration is 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020. 

This sounds like a lot but training is provided in addition to support from our board, Wake County PTA, and NCPTA.

As Treasurer your responsibilities would include: 

  1. Collecting, depositing, and maintaining all funds including local dues, raised in PTA activities,
  2. Writing checks in accordance with the annual budget and maintaining receipts of these transactions,
  3. Maintaining a current budget to include income, expenditures, assets, and liabilities, making these available for monthly audit committee review,
  4. Presenting the current monthly budget and bank statements and compare these to the approved budget at each board and general membership meetings,
  5. Remitting dues to NCPTA,
  6. Preparing a year-end financial report by June 30 showing the total income and expenditures for the fiscal year, comparing those figures with the budget approved at the beginning of the fiscal year, and the PTA assets, and submitting that report to the incoming president, treasurer, and audit committee,
  7. Filing required tax forms and reports in a timely manner, including tax returns for the previous fiscal year, and submit copies of these to the PTA secretary, and
  8. Transferring all financial records to the audit committee by July 1, providing assistance to the audit committee upon request

If you are interested, please contact our Nominating Committee before 6/3/2019 or contact one of our current Nominating Committee Chairs directly. 

Tracy Taylor (SMS PTA Secretary)
Colette Ether (SMS PTA VP of Programs & Services)

Our 2018/2019 Board Members, Volunteer, and Chairperson predecessors have provided detailed instructions, checklists, and pertinent information to ensure our next school year is a successful one!

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks in advance,

Salem Middle School PTA