Our 2019-2020 Salem Middle School PTA Leaders

Ben BarrasPTA President - Leader of the Pack
A creative problem solver who plays a substantial role in supporting our school, who is comfortable delegating, and who can help our PTA focus on the agenda.
Lisa RodneyPTA Treasurer - Number Cruncher
Our trusted custodian of PTA’s funds with a moderate financial aptitude who secretly loves to categorize expenses and create color-coded pie charts in their spare time.
Dr. Ross PerkinsPTA Secretary - Fact Finder
Stellar recordkeeping skills and attention to detail. Moderate computer skills and the ability to type, drink coffee, take minutes, and listen attentively at the same time with superior accuracy.
Tracy TaylorDistrict 9 Representative
Attends and represents our school at the Board Advisory Council meetings for District 9 (BAC9).
CATHY KETTERERSMS Accountant - PTA Staff Representative