Our 2019-2020 Salem Middle School PTA Leaders

Ben BarrasPTA President - Leader of the Pack
A creative problem solver who plays a substantial role in supporting our school, who is comfortable delegating, and who can help our PTA focus on the agenda.
Dr. Tracy TaylorPTA Vice President - Fearless Sidekick
Plays a significant role in decision making on important issues throughout the year. Helps the President and the Board of Directors get things done.
Lisa RodneyPTA Treasurer - Number Cruncher
Our trusted custodian of PTA’s funds with a moderate financial aptitude who secretly loves to categorize expenses and create color-coded pie charts in their spare time.
Dr. Ross PerkinsPTA Secretary - Fact Finder
Stellar recordkeeping skills and attention to detail. Moderate computer skills and the ability to type, drink coffee, take minutes, and listen attentively at the same time with superior accuracy.
O P E NAudit Facilitator - Transparency Seeker
Mandatory Committee Leader and Neutral Non-Checksigner are responsible for audits and financial reviews described in Article 11 of NCPTA bylaws.
O P E NAdvocacy Chairperson - Agent of Change
Non-partisan agent of change fostering respect, dignity, and inclusion. Advocate for a variety of initiatives for students and families with disabilities or special needs.
Tracy TaylorDistrict 9 Representative
Attends and represents our school at the Board Advisory Council meetings for District 9 (BAC9).
O P E NServices Chairperson
Coordinates several Service Committees, including Hospitality, Grounds, Copy Services, and Lost & Found.
O P E NNomination Coordinator
Identify talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of Salem Middle School PTA.
O P E NVolunteer Coordinator - Social Networker
An enthusiastic people person ready to strike up a conversation with anyone! Recruits helpers for programs and events.
O P E NSEIC - Special Education and Inclusion Liaison
Works with PTA and school leaders to support efforts toward greater inclusion and understanding of the special needs of families in our school community.
O P E NPrograms Chairperson
Oversees and coordinates several Program Committees including Cultural Arts, Reflections, Track-Out Hunger, and Wellness.
O P E NFundraising Chairperson - Team Spirit Leader
A detail-oriented upbeat leader ready and able to motivate students and parents, coordinate fundraising efforts and handle last-minute surprises.
Colette Marcellene Ether Spirit Wear Shop Manager/Fundraising Co-Chair
Collaborates with all board members and chairs to develop, facilitate and manage fundraising events, and spirit wear shop.
Colette Marcellene Ether Communications & Public Relations Chairperson
Content Creator, Public Relations Representative, and Brand Ambassador responsible for timely and accurate communications within and across all SMS PTA channels.
ELAINE HOFMANNSMS Principal - SMS PTA Administrative Rep
CATHY KETTERERSMS Accountant - PTA Staff Representative
O P E NSMS PTA - Educator Representative